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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What Police do in their spare time....

Matt's shift made Matt this beautiful artwork for Matt's Birthday this year--No crime that day??? Anyway what do you think? Matt and Woody -Do you see a resemblance?

An what was he thinking posing with Woody? Oh and Matt does not read these so keep this one to yourselves.

He is really good lookin, Huh?(yes I ment Matt!)

Please Help Jamin -------

She is having a hard time right now and if everyone could put on their thinking caps and help her life would just flow a little smoother. She has a dilemma- It has been on her mind for weeks and she just can't move forward until she gets the insight she needs to just go on. I mean if she could just get this tidbit of help from all of you she may just got to the next step------And start her own blog---What is really holding Jamin back is what to title it-it needs to clever and has got to be like---BAM-Here I am-Jamin-You know you love me and want to hear more about me!!! It has to show her sweet side and her sarcastic humoristic side. So let's all see if we can HELP poor sweet wonderful Jamin.

This has brought me great joy-Really not believing it, but it really makes me laugh!!!! Check it out! - Sherri Prouty you are mighty

Friday, September 15, 2006

Everyone is a critic!!!
I have four children, a wonderful husband, a close relationship with God, work for a mortgage brokerage part-time finding pregrades for loans, run a small Cafe/tearoom/coffee house and do all the finances, laundry and shopping for my family. I am not too bad at Keeping it all together and undercontrol. Now I am Not complaining because I have chosen how my life is lived! I don't have time for much else in my life. I think a few others should get a few more things to do-because they all seem to think I care what they think. My husband thinks I am being mean-Sorry if I have hurt anyone's feelings. I just want everyone to know I know all my faults-and having them pointed out really will not improve me and it is not NEW NEWS. I mean for years people have pointed out the obvious and I am still never going to spell correctly(thank heaven's I have just found spellcheck) I am not always nice(even when I am trying my best), my hair is never going to lay perfect(although sometimes it is cute), we can always use something new and improved at the cafe(and when money falls from the sky the cafe will be really cool), I am hard on my kids(but they love and respect me and others) and sometimes I burn things(but most of the time the food is really good).
Feel free to add to the list-I know I forgot some things-another fault---But don't you think if we all found something good to say to each other life would feel a lot easier?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Micheal Sweet comes to Rutland

Micheal Sweet came to Rutland State Fair thanks to Foster Palmer-Foster works very hard to get Micheal To come because he love Micheal's voice and songs-He is good. Micheal is the lead singer to Syrper. So he came he sang and then he came to HOPE CAFE(the best place to visit in Rutland) He is a very nice guy and his Family is so sweet-no pun intended. The two churches that has song acts before Micheal were very talentd and suprised me - they were great.--Look up Micheal's songs-very good!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What TV or Movie Star Do you find attractive?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

This is Matt and His K-9 King Riley-the biggest Baddest Police Dog in Rutland- if you cannot see the picture well- this is right after a great drug and drug money find- this dog has saved my husband from so much danger and I love him-he is a very devoted and lovable dog-that is if you are not running from him-I am so proud of them they make a great team.

Let us talk about cop John---He was a great guy an I loved him SO very much. His name was John Flory and he was one of the most giving and loving men I have ever met. He always was happy to see you-no matter who you were and truly cared about what you had to say-he loved kids and my kids love him very much. We will miss him so much-I think of him a lot especially at escape-he would always be happy-I wish I could be like John and give to everyone what he gave-acceptance, kindness, mercy, honesty, just true Christ like love-not chistianity -like church stuff but what Jesus showed on the street-real people love - so I guess you are wondering why the car is on the screen well -Louise-John's wife gave Matthew Cop John's car-Now you have to know this was actually Matt's car when he was a Sheriff - and he love the car then and always wanted it-When John bought it matt always said he wanted it-Now that John has passed the car means so much more to Matt-His love was so strong for John it has sooooo much meaning-well ok I am getting to the point-this is what he wants the car to look like (it is white now)pretty huh-I wanted him to paint it green and give me a blue light and a gun-I just want to know what you think-he says NO way-I have no clue why-----I also wanted to tell you about John-He is missed. God Bless Louise, Her Family, Debbie and Deana-

Closed today but people still found their way upstairs to eat-and tell me that the do was looked--I KNOW I WAS CLOSED---I am thankful though because they ate all the food I would have had to throw away on Tuesday morning if the kids and I didn't eat it before then-I got some great compliments today----One Girl came up and said "I hope you are open because I have been thinkin of your food all morning-didn't eat breakfast-I need your chicken salad"---When I told her I was out but I had Tuna she said"Great now I will try something else-everything you have served is soo tasty." Then Matt decorated the choc cake(and I think it looked better than what I do) for her and her hubby and they were very impressed

Friday, September 01, 2006

Hey! this is Andrew on sherrie's blog and I have to warn all the cafe comers that Sherri is obsessed with Cap'n Jack! Totally. But don't let that deter you from coming to the Cafe, it is a treat and a experience in and of itself.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

My Sign is under BellaSoul's but I am upstairs---we just keep the surprises comin at Hope Cafe! We are on Merchant's Row in Rutland Vermont.
Most think my name is Hope now(and maybe it is). It is OK I sorta like it. My Cafe is doing OK -could use some more customers but if you build it they will come????? That is what I hear. The main reason for this blog is to get the word out---so if you are reading this---TELL EVERYONE YOU SEE---Hope Cafe tearoom, IS theplace to be. So about the Cafe it is just georgous and very relaxing. Life today is just too fast and loud! Come relax with a cup of tea or your favorite coffee - maybe a salad or light sandwich--YUMMY. Or just come in to see Jamin-She is awesome and I could not be open without her-and very cute. When you do come in make sure to ask her to speak PIRATE!!!! I have many others that help me or have helped to get this whole vision running. First I have to say a BIG Thank You to Hannah Bannana-She is very cool-the hardest worker I have ever seen-also very cute-but not as good at the Pirate thing as Jamin. Also keep watching because International Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19-----I just get so gitty knowing that-Jamin will have her day. Also want to thank Peck family for bailing the Prouty's out so many times - and knowing in the future they will be there for us yet again!!! Thank you to all the girls who come in to help me - you guys are great-Bridged,Elizabeth-Jasmin-the day you came to visit with Jamin, Amber, My great wonderful helpful children-Kyle,Paige-head waitress, Henry, and Spencer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-My Husband -is the Bestest of all and I cannot list -really all the unbelievable ways he supports me-even in all my MOODS! And when I said he could not make anything-I was soo wrong-he makes the best coffe drinks you will ever taste - without him-I am nothing.
Thank you to Turco's for ALL the help in getting here-I can't even list the amount of time and energy and just friendship they have given. Thank you to Pastor Rob for listening to me blah blah blah so much over the phone as whined and cried about all the issues. And for praying for me and my family-He is amazing and so is his family-my greatest support group!!! The list is so long-so I will name off a few-Kimmie(listening to my whining also)--come to think of it everyone has listened to my whining-I am not proud of it but I know how annoying I am-remeber I have to listen to me -like all the time!!! The friday night group of swell friends that show up to support me - and I get my personal concert each friday-yeah for me! Just like I tell Jamin-It is All About Me! So where I have miss anyone --I am soooo sorry and when I think of it I will really be sorry and beg for your forgiveness.-Charge it to my head --- not my heart!!!

Oh and to my mom and Dad (Cookie and Malcom Shearer-look them up Shearer Elegance Bed and Breakfast) because without them I would not have the talent or know how to be in the business.

I will not mention my sisters because of the way they mentioned on didn't mention me-oh and My brother Lee-he really didn't do anything but I don't want him to feel left out!